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January 25, 2012

We are pleased to announce that the affiliate program for the USA is now live.

Lyle and Scott have a long established history in golfing began in 1847 in Scotland. They grew to become one of the biggest designer clothing brands in the UK and USA for men and women. In 1975 Lyle & Scott is Granted the Royal Warrant by appointment to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Lyle and Scott today is still synonymous with clothing for world class golf players and in 2003 launched their vintage range to include a younger customer. Today Celebrities of the music scene and film can bee seen wearing official Lyle and Scott clothing.

The Lyle and Scott affiliate program will give affiliates 15% on all referred sales. 60 day cookie. This program carries a lot restrictions to ensure that the brand does not become diluted nor has any association with any “discount” websites. As is a recognized brand they do not allow PPC bidding on their name or variations. Below is a full outline of the dos and donts of the affiliate program.

We are not accepting coupon site at this time.

Brand & Keyword policy

Lyle & Scott is recognized worldwide and we must protect our brand to ensure that we continue to be one of leading clothing brands in the world. Because of this our Keyword and branding policy is restrictive.

We encourage Lyle & Scott affiliates to conduct their own PPC campaigns but in order to qualify as a Lyle & Scott affiliate, we do ask you to adhere to the guidelines below:

• Do not link directly to the Lyle & Scott Shop website, or use an URL redirect to take the customer directly to the Lyle & Scott Shop website from a PPC advert.

• Do not bid on the keyword ‘Lyle & Scott’, ‘Lyle & Scott shop’, Lyle and Scott or any misspelling of ‘Lyle & Scott’ e.g. lysescot, Lyle N Scott, scott and Lyle etc

• Do not bid on any keyword phrase containing the keyword ‘Lyle and Scott’ or any misspelling of Lyle & Scott e.g.,,,,, etc

• Do not appear under any keyword or phrase containing the keyword ‘Lyle & Scott’ or any misspelling of Lyle & Scott

• Do not display the keyword ‘Lyle & Scott’ or “Lyle and Scott’ in your ad copy

• Do not buy, own or bid on any domain names with the word ‘Lyle & Scott’, ‘Lyle and Scott’ or misspellings of ‘Lyle & Scott’ in the URL. For example,

• Do not display Lyle & Scott products on Google Product Search (previously Froogle™) as we have our own feeds in place.

• Do not conduct any form of typosquatting. Typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting which directs a person to a false website when they enter a misspelling of the intended website. For example,,

• Do not include Trademarks or miss spellings in the subfolders of your URL structure e.g.

• Do not include Trademarks or miss spellings in the subdomain of your URL structure e.g.

• Whilst we understand that many affiliates are experts in search engine optimization we ask you not to specifically target Lyle & Scott or our trademarks, if you appear on the 1st page of one of the main search engines we ask that you do not promote any discounts or offers in the Meta Title of your page. e.g. ‘Save money on Lyle & Scott.’ Or ‘Lyle & Scott discount’

The USA Affiliate Program is being run through affiliate network merchant ID 35032

This program is being managed by

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